Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Twelve Days and Counting!

In just twelve days I am embarking on an adventure with one of my best friends to attend the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference in Asheville, NC!  This is where the rubber meets the road...where we will get a glimpse of what God may have in mind as He is calling us to write, write, WRITE!

I was reminded in my Sunday evening Bible Study of just how thoroughly and completely God is sovereign.  I mean, we know that, right?  We know that 'God is in control', that 'His eye is on the sparrow', and 'He's got the whole world in His hands' but how often I live like 'I've got the power', and I'll do things 'my way!'

Our Bible Study was on Romans 8:29-34 - a full-course meal in terms of digesting spiritual truth.  As we considered several other verses that related God's choice of Abram (for no apparent reason), God's choice of Jacob (for no apparent reason), God's choice of David (for no apparent reason)...well, you begin to get the point!  God chooses us for certain purposes not because we have some special talent or gift, not because we are super-spiritual or holier-than-thou; but simply because He is God and He gets to choose.  Once chosen, He gives us all we need to accomplish His plan.

When my children were pre-schoolers, there were times when I made plans for them that were beyond their understanding.  No matter how I tried to explain the wonders of DisneyWorld to my 3-year-old, she simply couldn't understand what was in store for her.  As I recall, she threw a wild-eyed fit at one point because she did not want to get in the car seat.  I had made the reservations, bought the tickets and all I needed was a cooperative child.  God has a plan for each of our lives too - a purpose that He has worked out perfectly.  We do have an option though - we can cooperate with the plan or be drug along kicking and screaming! 

For a number of years, I have resisted what God clearly showed me was His purpose because I didn't believe that I had the talent or knowledge or right kind of degree or experience or whatever needed to do it.  But God has reminded me that it is not about what I have - it's about being obedient to do what He tells me to do with what He provides.  The results are up to God!

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