Monday, May 14, 2012

Last Minute Thoughts about BRMCWC

Hook.  Check.  Pitch.  Check. Business cards. Check.  One Sheet. Check.  Check. Check. Check. (One for each project that I've given any attention to whatsoever.)  Handy-dandy 3-ring binder organized exactly according to Edie Melson's suggestion.  List of all the stuff I must remember to pack. Check. (Is the car large enough? hmm.)

Deep breath.
So all the physical preparations are made - well, not all of them - still have the mani and pedi set for tomorrow morning.

What about the spiritual preparations?  Have I prayed enough?  Is that even possible?  I've definitely spent quite a bit of time in prayer, seeking God's direction and preparation for this trip.  I've prayed that God would prepare my heart for whatever I hear - good news or bad.  That I would learn and retain the information that I'm exposed to and allow it to improve my skills as a writer.  That God would give me peace, calm, and confidence as I speak with editors, agents and publishers and that He would open their hearts to the work that He put on my heart to write.

I've prayed for safe travel for me and my roommate, for the presenters and for the other attendees.  I've prayed for my family to manage successfully this week without me! I've prayed for my workplace to keep functioning well without me despite half a dozen statewide projects in full swing. 

I've prayed for everything that came to mind and when nothing else came to mind, I sat in silence and asked the Holy Spirit to intercede beyond what I could imagine to pray for.

I think I'm ready.  Well, except for actually packing the fifteen or so outfits that I have planned to take for a 5 day conference...
(This is a re-post from my preparation for BRMCWC in 2010)