Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Parents Did Everything Wrong

That may sound harsh, but if you believe the media today, that is what one would think.  You see, when I was born in 1966, my parents were supposed to be tuning in, dropping out, and getting in touch with the universe. 

Instead, they chose to raise a family, meet their responsibilities and serve their country. 

While other men my dad's age were protesting the war in Vietnam, my father was risking his life to serve his country. 

While other women my mom's age were 'bringing home the bacon' and burning their bras, my mom was at home raising three children to be responsible adults.

While other people their age were living lives of self-indulgence and 'whatever feels right', they were paying their bills, taking their children to church, and teaching them that hard work has a certain intangible value that cannot be measured.  That we help others most by encouraging them to not give up - not by giving them whatever they want.  That love sometimes mean saying, 'No.' 

Thank you Mom (and Dad) for doing everything wrong!  I'm so glad you did!

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