Sunday, February 9, 2014

50 Valentine Ideas for Women

50 Valentine Ideas for Women
(Inspired by my friend John Nichols list for Men -  )

1.     Help him with his latest project by fetching tools as he asks for them (and knowing the difference between a screwdriver and a hammer).
2.     Buy his favorite munchies for the big game or make the Superbowl dip he loves, even when it isn’t the Superbowl, just because.
3.     Dust and vacuum his office when needed.
4.     Help with the yardwork.
5.     Write him love letters.
6.     Post love notes in places where he will find them. Ok, so this means putting them pretty much in plain sight or where he would have to move them to, for example, open his laptop.
7.     Sit next to him on the sofa.
8.     Clean up the mess he leaves in the bathroom sink without complaining about it.
9.     Hold his hand in public.
10.   Allow him to be your protector; don’t play the ‘feminist’ card when he is opening the door for you.
11.   Stash his favorite snacks somewhere the kids can’t find it, so they are on hand when he wants them.
12.   Fill a jar with notes of all the things you love about him or verses that you are praying over him.
13.   Read a book he recommended, and (try to) discuss it with him.
14.   Watch the game – and really pay attention and try to follow the action (without asking a bunch of questions like “Did the Cowboys just score a home run?”)
15.   Greet him with a kiss and hug many times daily, especially when leaving or arriving home.
16.   Say something complementary every day. Mean it.
17.   Get tickets to a game you know he’d love to see but would never splurge on himself. Send his buddy with him.
18.   Keep the debris from piling up in your car – take care of the things that you both have invested in.
19.   Be thoughtful and deliberate in your spending and stay on budget – do not waste money on frivolous things, especially if he is the sole provider.
20.   Listen to what is stressing him out at work – or accept if he doesn’t want to talk about it and don’t push for more information.
21.   Never give him a reason to doubt your faithfulness. Flirt ONLY with him.
22.   Support his hobbies and interests. Don’t insist on being with him every moment.
23.   Change the sheets on the bed.
24.   Make sure you don’t bash him in front of your friends – even jokingly – brag on how wonderful he is.
25.   Make breakfast. On a weekday.
26.   Dream together.
27.   Jump in to help shovel snow.
28.   Run to the store for that one item instead of sending him.
29.   Keep him company while he watches a golf tournament.
30.   Pray together.
31.   Step up to assist with his ministry at the church.
32.   Encourage his bro time. Set a tee time for him and a friend.
33.   Resist the urge to play the role of Holy Spirit. God can show him if he’s wrong.
34.   Think about how your behavior or words reflect on him. Do not do things that embarrass him.
35.   Exercise together.
36.   Take him away for a romantic weekend.
37.   Be nice to his family. Especially his mother. She is the first woman he ever loved.
38.   Show your children, by word and deed that their father has your love and respect. Honor him even when he isn’t present.
39.   Display his picture in your work space. Wear your wedding ring.
40.   Play his favorite board game.
41.   Keep your legs shaved. Even in the winter.
42.   Even when you’re making a basic meal, do your best. Make his favorites.
43.   Answer his call at work if possible. Call him back as soon as possible if it is not.
44.   Be there in the moment when you are with him. Turn off the cell phone or close the laptop when he’s talking to you.
45.   Watch your humor. If your friends are joking about men’s shortcomings, refuse to join in.
46.   Page through the photo albums together and remember the journey.
47.   Discuss the future. Plan and set joint goals.
48.   Offer your opinion when a decision is being made, present your reasoning completely and passionately, but once the decision has been made, support it whether you agree or not.
49.   Don’t ever remind him that you told him so.
50.   Live every day with the awareness that God has joined the two of you.

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