Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaaccccck!

So I know you're wondering...where did she go? Did she fall off the planet? Have some horrible accident? Get raptured back in May like Harold Camping predicted? :-)

Nope, I've just had one very busy summer! First, my oldest daughter left for nine weeks studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republic. Then I had the joy of working a couple of 60-hour weeks coordinating an office move for my employer. (This is what happens when they find out you're an Army brat - if there's one thing I'm an expert on, it's moving!) Then my second daughter headed to Bolivia on a mission trip. She was home for about a week before I left with my mom for a sixteen day walking tour of Europe - it wasn't billed as a walking tour, but we calculated that we walked about 3 times as much as the lady we met on the plane who was doing a walking tour of England - including spending a few days with my oldest in Prague.

The same day we returned, my hubby and daughter #2 and my oldest son all left for Student Life Camp. They returned on Friday and that Sunday was the kick-off for our church's VBS - for which Randy led worship and I led interpretive movement/signing/jumping-around-on-stage-like-I'm-a-teenager! Which brings us to this week - when Daughter #2 and Son #1 began Marching Band Camp from 8am-5:30pm daily. And this coming Monday, hubby starts back to his primary job as Middle School Algebra teacher, after spending the summer working full-time at his part-time Music Minister position while the two Marchers continue with evening practices. Meanwhile, my youngest son (10) has been hanging on for the ride and shuttled between grandparents, friends, Y-camp, and Camp Winshape. Oh, and did I mention that the two weeks worth of Tornado-damage-repairs turned into two months worth of workers in the house, on the house, and around the house?

Wow! When I put it all down on paper, I don't feel so bad about having neglected my blog!

The good news is that this crazy summer has provided some awesome stories that I'm looking forward to sharing. At any rate, life is (hopefully) returning to its normal crazy pace, as opposed to this summer's intensely crazy pace, so I'm setting a goal of updating my blog once a week...probably on Saturday or Sunday. Hold me to it. Feel free to leave nasty comments about how lame I am if I don't stick to it! Just don't give up on me!

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  1. Felicia ... welcome back.... looking forward to reading all your stories.